OceanLED is by far the most popular and most widely distributed marine lighting brand in the world. The UK-based company has been accredited with kick starting the marine LED revolution back in 2005 and is still to this day, changing how boat owners light up the night.

Smart Light DNA

Active Thermal Control
ATC is a continuous monitoring system built into all OceanLED lighting products to prevent overheating, thus improving LED performance and lumen maintenance. In the event the lights become overheated, the ATC system will reduce the LED power level in order to protect the LEDs, or in extreme cases, turn off the fixture completely. All OceanLED lighting products are tested to work continuously in an ambient temperature of 65° Centigrade / 150° Fahrenheit

Grade A Electrical-Opto Performance
OceanLED utilizes the very latest optical methods to achieve the highest Lumen Per Watt efficacy ratings on all its products. Combining optical precision with Grade A Electrical components ensures maximum life cycles, minimal heat exposure, and flicker free operation and dimming.

OceanLED 3-Star Binning Promise
Millions of LEDs are produced every day, some better than others. LEDs are sorted or “Binned” according to their light output, emitted colour, and electrical efficiency. OceanLED has developed its own unique Bin code to ensure the highest quality grade LEDs are selected, essential for the quality and consistency on which OceanLED prides itself, and the consumer expects.

Anti-Galvanic Action
OceanLED light engines have been designed to be completely isolated both physically and electrically from the hull so no current can flow from either galvanic action between the dissimilar metals, or through the power supply system. The drivers we use are class 2 compliant and so have extremely high insulation between DC and mains power.