OceanLED is by far the most popular and most widely distributed marine lighting brand in the world. The UK-based company has been accredited with kick starting the marine LED revolution back in 2005 and is still to this day, changing how boat owners light up the night.

Optical Technology

In 2004 OceanLED patented the use of optical collimators with LEDs for underwater applications to magnify the light produced by the LEDs using Total Internal Reflection (T.I.R.).

Optical Collimators
In the first diagram, it is clear how clumsy any light source can be when using a reflector. Light from traditional bulbs is bounced around inside the fixture. Light is then absorbed back into the bulb, lost inside the reflector, and exits randomly from the lens. In the second diagram, by using precision optics, or collimators, the light can be efficiently collected and distributed in the most effective manner, as shown. The light from an LED is directed straight out into the direction needed, minimizing loss and maximising efficiency and light output.

Optical Lens
One major advantage with OceanLED underwater lights is the advancement in keeping the lens clean. You will hear other underwater lighting companies retorting that their lights ward off barnacle growth because the lights get so hot. However, if that light is not on then what happens? You have to get a brush and/or a chisel to remove the buildup, damaging the lens and as a result, decreasing the light output.

OceanLED looked at this problem from a different angle. What if a lens could resist all forms of growth, algae, barnacles and so on. This sparked the idea of a non-stick surface, the result of which is Tritonium, a unique anti-fungal polymeric resin that cross-links with the glass, forming a strong chemical bond that is resistant to almost any substance. Not suitable for hot surfaces but perfectly suited for LED light fixtures, this chemical layer can be wiped clean and re-applied every 2-3 years to maintain it’s strength. Its smooth surface helps minimise barnacle growth and build up.


All OceanLED lighting data is verified by the Lighting Association of Great Britain.



OceanLED Tritonium Lens Cleaning Demo