OceanLED is by far the most popular and most widely distributed marine lighting brand in the world. The UK-based company has been accredited with kick starting the marine LED revolution back in 2005 and is still to this day, changing how boat owners light up the night.


OceanLED has an inhouse team of dedicated customer service, sales and engineers on hand to support our superyacht clients in various stages of the build.

With full CAD CAM facilities OceanLED will follow projects from inception through to launch to ensure the best possible solution. Some clients alternatively want a quick one stop solution and again this is no problem due to our unique product mix and customization abilities.

Underwater Light Positioning - OceanLED will provide advice as required on ideal spacing of lights, quantity and depth of fixture dependant on the desired effect of the underwater lighting system. The lighting effect can vary from penetrating shafts of light (with widely spaced fixtures) to a halo effect around the hull (achieved by positioning the lights much closer together). As a general rule OceanLED recommends placing the lights at a 15-degree angle so that only a very small amount of light is lost through shining up and out of the water. Each project though is dealt with on a case-by-case basis and will be reviewed individually.

Interior/Exterior Light Positioning - Lighting interior and exterior spaces requires a good level of understanding of colour temperatures, desired effects, control systems, styles and so on. OceanLED has a combined experience of over 100 year of lighting inhouse so can assist within many areas of the specification. Although we are not Lighting consultants we can assist designers and engineers and alternatively refer external companies whose specialty is in lighting design.

Power Consumption - Power consumption on any vessel is always a major consideration. Lights have traditionally been very power hungry so the advancements made in LED technology to provide lower energy consuming options have revolutionised the market.

OceanLED lights are low voltage DC at the light engine eliminating the risks associated with traditional 110/240 vAC underwater lighting systems requiring large power surges for illumination. All OceanLED lights have no power surge on startup and use considerably less power in operation.

When illuminating underwater OceanLED lights can all be switched on all at once and if the lights are turned off for any reason, they can be turned straight back on without waiting for up to 20 minutes for the bulbs to cool in order to re-strike, one major draw back with high power bulb style lights.