OceanLED is by far the most popular and most widely distributed marine lighting brand in the world. The UK-based company has been accredited with kick starting the marine LED revolution back in 2005 and is still to this day, changing how boat owners light up the night.

Competitive Analysis

Before you even look at underwater lighting from any other company, take a look at the benchmark – what makes Ocean LED stand out from the crowd.

1. Performance

OceanLED lighting products outperform any other in their class on the market in terms of brightness and efficiency. Whether underwater or downlights, the state-of-the-art LEDs and electronics used to drive all OceanLED products sets them above and beyond the competition.

All data is proofed and verified independently by the Lighting Association of Great Britain, where applicable.

OceanLED openly welcomes head-to-head comparisons to prove its product line.

2. Power Savings

Everything OceanLED produces is LED-based, and is designed for purpose. Opposed to either ‘shoe horning’ or adapting other products or technologies to function in a different way, the OceanLED product is designed to offer the most energy efficient solutions for their use.

Every OceanLED product will slash energy consumption compared to any competing product.

3. Low Voltage Systems

All products run on low voltage DC. All competing underwater lighting products at a superyacht level operate off either 110vAC or 240vAC which we at OceanLED regard as a potential hazard. Pulling amps of power through cabling and electronic ballast equipment can create spikes and hot spots that can in turn can cause other problems.

Having a safe low voltage system, which can be run remotely from 110vAC or 240vAC, is what we consider the best option.

4. Longevity

All OceanLED lights are design specifically for purpose and therefore ‘Maximum efficiency’ and ‘Product life cycles’ are considered paramount right from the early concept stages through to final production techniques. All products are built with large overheads in both heat allowances and electrical loading so nothing works on its limit. When we quote for instance 40,000 hours life the true life of the product is likely to be 80,000+ hours.

5. Factory Sealed Units

Unlike most lighting products, all OceanLED products are completely factory sealed ensuring contaminates such as dust, grease and moisture cannot work it’s way into the product and decrease its performance or longevity.

6. Heat

All OceanLED products are designed to run under 65 degrees centigrade/ 149 degrees Fahrenheit and have inbuilt thermal protection to prevent overheating which could harm the LEDs and the surrounding hull/surface. All bulb lights run exceptionally hot putting the yacht and its passengers at constant risk.

7. Solid State Technology

Unlike bulbs, LEDs and the electronics to drive them are solid state devices. This means vibration does not have any effect on the operational aspects of the products.

All drivers are solid potted to ease localised heat build up and add a ‘cement’ type packing to the electronic components to prevent dry joints and environmental damage.

8. Non Toxic Substances

HID (Metal Halide) lamps contain mercury, a disastrous substance to all life on earth. Once mercury enters the body it never leaves and stays for life. There is enough mercury within one metal halide bulb to pollute 6,000 gallons of drinking water … forever. Onboard a yacht if one of these bulbs is broken it puts the lives of the crew and passengers at risk.

With LEDs there are no toxic substances to contend with, and as the product is solid state and factory sealed, the fear of damaging a product is substantially lessened.

9. Widest Range

OceanLED has worked alongside some of the most prestigious yacht builders and project managers in the world. Each light in the OceanLED range has been tailored to suit an exact requirement from this customer base and consequently OceanLED now has the widest range of underwater lighting products on the market to suit every type of boat constructed in every type of material.

10. Vibrant Colours

LEDs are known for their vibrant reproduction of colour. Opposed to a bulb which merely emits light through heat, LEDs are tailored to an exact colour. Whether it be a warm white for a traditional yacht or a midnight blue for a modern vessel, LED light penetrates through the water more effectively and more importantly with more vibrancy.

The new addition of the Colours ‘colour change’ LED chip to the range now means you can realise a multitude of colours to tailor solutions and moods for the boat when you want via a dedicated control system or through a third party device such as an iPad or iPhone.

11. 3 Step Delivery Process

Most Superyacht projects take several years to complete. OceanLED is normally involved from the initial planning and design phases to the final commissioning of the yacht, the Superyacht Division is not geared towards a quick sell.

OceanLED structures shipments to coincide best with the build process and to ensure the very latest LED technology is used. Typically in year one we deliver the cofferdams for hot work processing, Year two cabling and the driver systems all to be wired in and the final stage is with the light engine.

Through this detailed and meticulously controlled delivery system, OceanLED can guarantee the best service and most up to date system when the yacht is launched.

12. Bespoke Service

OceanLED has a separate dedicated service and sales team for it’s Superyacht division as we recognize the service and added support needed for larger projects. The team is here to assist in design, placement, delivery and final commissioning.

Each project is handled in seven phases to ensure smooth delivery, planning and installation.

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